Nokia Boasts 88% of Windows Phone Market

Nokia Lumia 820 Front UI

Figures have emerged which suggest that Nokia has almost complete dominance over the Windows Phone market, something which will no doubt come as a surprise to very few people.

Research firm AdDuplex, which gathers data for software developers who work within Microsoft’s mobile platform, has published the data which suggests that Nokia devices make up 88% of all handsets currently running Windows Phone.

The Finnish firm’s products also count for nine out of the top 10 most used Windows Phone handsets. Claiming a 21.3% share of the market, Nokia’s budget Lumia 510 is the most used device on this list, with the high-end Lumia 920 being second with 9.3%.

The only device in the top ten that isn’t made by Nokia is the HTC 8X, with claims only a 3.2% share. With figures like these, there is little surprise that Microsoft has agreed to purchase Nokia, since it makes sense for the software giant to be working closely with the firm that almost has a monopoly over its mobile platform.

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