Tesco Gets Techy With the Hudl Android Tablet


Tesco has introduced its first attempt at a tablet, the Hudl, a device which has been the subject of several rumours over the past few weeks. Sure enough, it’s another cheap Android device, and Tesco looks to be aiming at a slice of Amazon’s market share.

Cheap Android tablets aren’t the rarity they once were, but Tesco has really made an effort to get the Hudl’s price as low as possible. It’s going to cost a mere £120 when it goes on sale, successfully undercutting most of its rivals, including the cheapest of Amazon’s current line-up.

The specification isn’t as low as the price may suggest. The 7-inch screen has a resolution of 1440×900, which isn’t quite on the same level as the Nexus 7, but is an improvement over the non-HD version of the Kindle Fire. It has a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 16GB of internal memory, a microSD card slot, stereo speakers, and a 9-hour battery life.

Tesco has added a link to its own online store and Blinkbox streaming video service, but otherwise the Android 4.2.2 operating system looks relatively untouched. It’s a Google-certified machine, so there’s access to Google Play along with the usual Google apps installed as standard.

It doesn’t look like the slimmest or most refined Android tablet out there, but as it’s going to cost only £120 when it goes on sale, it’s difficult to hold that against it. The Hudl will come in several bright colours, and Tesco will also sell a silicone case to help protect it.

You’ll find the Hudl on sale in Tesco on 30 September, but if you’re tempted, don’t forget Amazon may have some new hardware to show us in the next few weeks too.

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