Leaked Pictures Show Subtle Redesign in Android KitKat

Android Kit Kat

Google has already confirmed the next version of Android will be called KitKat, following on from the mildly tweaked Android 4.3 announced last month, at the same time as the new Nexus 7 tablet. So far, Android KitKat has proved to be relatively camera shy, but a series of pictures published by fan site 9to5Google may have changed that.

Now, before you get too excited, they’re only potential proof of a subtle redesign, and show several standard apps, including the dialer and messaging app. The dialer has been given a visual makeover, and here it’s seen in a very fetching blue colour, along with a set of simple, flat figures. As for the messaging app, the option menu has been shifted to the top right of the screen.

Other alterations centre around the overall colour scheme, such as a lighter status bar, plus a selection of flat icons, similar to those Google has recently introduced on its home page. The effect is a cleaner, smarter looking Android, even with only a few pictures to go on.

Google hasn’t given us any idea when to expect Android KitKat to be announced, however rumours are circulating it’ll be sometime in October. If that’s right, it could be accompanied by the much-rumoured Nexus 5 smartphone, to replace the outgoing Nexus 4, which was released this time last year. Only then will we know for sure if these new images are genuine, or the result of a fan-made launcher.

If Google is going to hold an October event, we could start seeing the invitations very soon.

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