Nokia Says It Won’t Stop Innovating, Calls Event for 22 October

Nokia Invitation

Earlier this week news appeared that Nokia had cancelled an event planned for the end of September, where it was expected to reveal the Lumia 1520 smartphone/tablet hybrid. This was a blow, as the phone had been the subject of several leaks, and is easily the most exciting Windows Phone release of the year. However, we may not have that much longer to wait until the phone makes its debut, as Nokia has tweeted about an upcoming event, set for 22 October.

Although the invitation doesn’t give much away, there is a limit as to what Nokia can release, thanks to the recent Microsoft buyout. Aside from the Lumia 1520, we have wondered if a Nokia-branded Windows RT tablet will finally also see the light of day, after years of speculation.

So, can we find any hints about Nokia’s plans by studying the invitation? Well, not really. It shows some skiers on sand dunes instead of snow, and three different hashtags: #Blazing, #Stories and #InnovationReinvented. None of these mean much at the moment, but the desert setting may relate to the location of the event, as it’s rumoured to take place in Abu Dhabi.

As for the Lumia 1520, it’s expected to have a 6-inch, 1080p touchscreen, a quad-core processor, and another of Nokia’s special cameras. It’ll also run the very latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone software. We’re excited to see perhaps the last phone to wear the Nokia name, and will bring you all the news on the day.

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