How to Make the Most of Your Smartphone’s Storage Space

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With the most wanted handsets now rumoured to be pushing towards having up to 128GB of internal storage, smartphone users have a lot of room to play with. However, there are still limitations and any mobile device can easily fill up with digital detritus, leaving you struggling for space.

Here we take a look at the best things that you can do to free up storage space on your handset and make the most of the internal memory that you have on offer.

Delete apps

Storage Delete App

With hundreds of thousands of apps being available from the app stores of every mobile platform, the temptation is there to download hordes of them and fill up your device. But how many of these apps do you really use?

If you’re running out of space then the chances are that you have several apps that you’ve used only once or twice and do not need anymore. Check through your homescreens and see if there are any that you can delete, freeing up some much needed space.

Move photos and videos to cloud storage

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Some of the largest files kept on smartphones are photos and videos, often featuring treasured memories that you don’t want to lose. Backing them up to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive not only keeps them safe should you lose your handset but also means you can delete them from the device, freeing up plenty of memory. Then when you want them again you can simply view them online or download them to your phone.

Clear app caches

Storage Clear Cache

Getting more technical, many apps can store huge caches of information that gradually build up without you noticing. Newspaper apps can be particularly bad offenders, storing stories from months or years ago that you are never going to need again.

Check in your device’s settings for options to clear the cache of certain apps, ensuring they take up as little space as possible. A more drastic option is to delete the app completely then re-download it, signing back into any account you may have to restore your preferences.

Don’t store emails offline

Storage Delete Emails

Do you have an inbox that is full of old emails you’ll never need again? It may be time to be ruthless and delete them.

This is something which could only make a tiny difference to your available storage space but every bit counts, and getting rid of offline messages stored on you device will free up a little bit of room for other things.

Factory reset

Storage Factory Reset

This final idea is a little drastic, but could prove to be the clearout that you need. Backup all of your photos, messages and contacts then simply do a factory reset on your device, automatically deleting all those unwanted files and apps that are causing the clutter.

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