Galaxy Gear Apps Named by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung has thrown its hat into the wearable technology ring with the Galaxy Gear, unveiled at IFA just a couple of days ago. The gadget works as a companion piece to the high-end Galaxy Note 3 phablet and the Korean firm is no doubt hoping it will inspire more interest than similar efforts from the likes of Sony in the past.

Now Samsung has begun to reveal which apps will be available for the Galaxy Gear at launch, naming 12 of what it says will be a total of 70.

Private social network Path is supported, filling a void which will exist until Facebook and Twitter pledge their support for the device. eBay has also created a trimmed-down version of its mobile app that allows users to bid on items but restricts search capabilities.

RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal were named alongside the Galaxy Gear’s launch, making the gadget a useful fitness aid. Along with this, note-taking app Evernote and offline article reader Pocket will be available. What it will be like reading large amounts of text of the Gear’s 1.63-inch display remains to be seen.

Will the Galaxy Gear take off and open up a new area in the world of mobile technology? That remains to be seen, but if smartwatches are ever going to become anything more that niche oddities then it will take the enormous marketing and development clout of a company like Samsung to pull off the task.

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