Galaxy Note 3 and Xperia Z1 to Both Arrive in the UK Before the end of September?

Note Processor

This week sees the beginning of the IFA tech show in Berlin, which in addition to all sorts of unknown tech delights, will see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We know this thanks to Samsung’s less than subtle event invitation, plus several semi-official statements from company spokespeople. Samsung’s Unpacked 2 event will take place on 4 September, but when will the Galaxy Note 3 go on sale?

If a new leak is correct, it could be as soon as 16 September. The date comes from a leaked document, supposedly taken from the Three network, which shows the phone hitting shelves less than two weeks after the launch event. It’s not stated if this is for pre-orders or if you’ll actually be able to buy the phone on the day.

This does sound really quick, as it took Samsung nearly six weeks to get the Galaxy S4 into UK stores after its March event. However, the Note 3 is expected to be similar to the S4 in most of its specs, just with a considerably larger screen and features such as the S-Pen. This may mean Samsung hasn’t had to spend as much time developing new production methods for the device, enabling a quicker sale.

Interestingly, the leaked document also shows Sony’s Xperia Z1 handset, previously known as the Sony i1 and the Honami, as having a 24 September release date. Sony is also holding a launch event on 4 September, where the Z1 should be made official.

We can look forward to an exciting week of brand new phones, and we’ll bring you all the news as they’re announced.

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