I/O Denim: Dialaphone Futures

I?O Denim

Never did we imagine there would be a time when technology influenced the clothes we wear, but a US firm is one of many looking to optimise our wardrobe to work in harmony with our smartphones.

I/O Denim, based in Texas, started life as a Kickstarter project, but has since gone on to develop a pair of jeans featuring a dedicated smartphone carrying side-pocket, helping to bridge the gap between fashion and function.

The pocket is situated on the left-hand side seam, in between the knee and the hip, so your smartphone is in arms reach at all times. The creators of I/O claim that the jeans can comfortably house any handset with a display up to 4.5-inches, mitigating that annoying mobile pocket bulge.

It’s certainly a clever idea, but a pair of jeans is far from the strangest ways which fashion and mobile technology have come together over the past few years.

 Equalizer t-shirts

Equalizer Tshirt

These sound-activated shirts feature an electro luminescence graphic equaliser which responds to the music around you, jumping in time to the beat depending on the sound frequency. Powered by a small battery pack which fits inside an interior pocket, there are a vast array of designs now on sale to light up your outfit. Graphic tees have been a staple fashion trend this year but it’s taking slightly longer for these to catch on.

Twitter dress

Twitter Dress

During the launch of EE’s 4G mobile network former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger modelled the first Twitter Dress, constructed out of more than 2,000 LED lights. Showcasing tweets in real time the dress lit up in different colours with messages from fans using the hashtag #tweetthedress.

It seems the fashion world is looking to build on this one-off garment with designers like Ying Gao already crafting designs in the form of the two-gazed dresses. Using eye-tracking technology the dress illuminates when someone stares at them, while the material moves in reaction to different shades of light projected on to it.

 Nike Hyperdunk+ trainers

Nike Hyperdunk+

Using Nike+Basketball technology the Hyperdunk+ trainers track your game and provides real-time feedback by syncing directly to your iPhone. With a range of sensors embedded in the soles every move of your game is monitored so you always know how high, how quick and how hard you’re playing. The aim of the footwear is to allow those wearing them to build on and improve their performance and monitor their progress against others.

 Solar Coats

Solar coats

Riddled with chunky solar panels these high-tech togs will keep your phone fully charged while you’re on the move. Of course it needs to be sunny outside, so these bulky jackets will be no good in the dark winter months, when you may need your phone the most.

Featuring up to 48 removable solar cells the creators claim the coat can restore up to half of a phone’s battery life in one hour, when worn in bright daylight.  Developed by Dutch innovators Gelderland Valoriseert and Pauline van Dongen, they firmly believe the solar coat could find a wider audience in the future, transforming us all into walking energy generators.

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