Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week


Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed, including our first look at the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet, Vodafone potentially selling its stake in Verizon, and amazing pictures of the Grand Canyon taken by a Lumia 1020.

1. Leaked Picture Could Show Nokia’s Phablet

Previously known as the Nokia Bandit, the still unofficial phone has been leaked as the Nokia Lumia 1520, plus we’ve been given our first look at the phone itself. Sitting next to a Lumia 1020, it looks huge, and certainly could have the 6-inch display previously rumored. Other potential specs include a 1080p resolution and a quad-core processor.

2. Nexus 7 4G Version Coming to O2

Google’s latest tablet, a revised Nexus 7, has just launched in the UK on Google Play and in various retail stores, however it’s only available with Wi-Fi. O2 has announced it’s going to be offering the 4G LTE model from 13 September, and it’ll be priced at £320 on pay as you go.

3. Nokia Sends the Lumia 1020 to the Grand Canyon

If you want to see what the new Lumia 1020 and its 41 megapixel camera are really capable of, take a look at this amazing new video. Pro photographer Stephen Alvarez, who shoots for the National Geographic, took the Lumia 1020 to the Grand Canyon – as his only camera – and the results are incredible. Check out the results in the video below.

4. Huawei Honor 3 Launched in China

Huawei has announced a new smartphone in China called the Honor 3. It features a 4.7-inch, 720p screen, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor of Huawei’s own design, plus a 13-megapixel rear camera. Additionally, the sleek looking Honor 3 is water and dust proof, plus is comes with Android 4.2.2 installed. There’s no word on an international launch yet.

5. HTC Developing OS for Chinese Market

HTC is developing a new smartphone operating system specifically for the Chinese market, under the watchful eye of its chairwoman and co-founder Cher Wang. The project has the approval of the Chinese government, and will come with various Chinese social networking apps built-in. Reports say it’s being tested now, and the first phones with the software installed should be out before the end of the year.

6. Acer Liquid S1 Available in the UK

The Acer Liquid S1 has a massive 5.7-inch, 720p display and is powered by a MediaTek quad-core processor, plus it has an 8-megapixel camera and Android 4.2 as its operating system. Other features include 8GB of storage, a microSD card slot, and a big 2400mAh battery. The phone has been given a limited release in the UK, as it’s only available though a few online retailers, where it costs around £300 SIM-free.

7. LG Releases G2 Promo Video

LG is justifiably proud of its G2 smartphone, and has released a nearly four-minute promotional video to show off its specs and special software features. It does a good job of highlighting not only the convenience of the signature rear key, but also the speakers and processor, plus the many software extras installed. It’s well worth watching if you’re considering the G2 as your next phone, see it in action below.

8. Vodafone May Sell Stake in Verizon

According to the BBC, Vodafone is in talks with the American network Verizon to sell back its 45% stake in the company. Although no decision has been reached, it’s estimated Verizon will have to pay $130bn to Vodafone if it wants sole ownership. The two companies have shared ownership since 2000, and have tried and failed several times to reach a sale agreement.

9. Blu Products Releases Three New Phones

Blu Products, a smartphone company currently selling hardware in America, has announced three new phones, the Dash Jr, Dash 4.0 Music and the Dash 5.0. All are very reasonably priced – $50, $100 and $130 respectively, making them around £32, £65 and £84 – and the specs vary from the very basic Dash Jr with its 3.5-inch screen and 2G connectivity, to the 5-inch Dash 5.0 and its dual-core processor. There’s no word if they’ll ever go on sale internationally.

10. VP of Android Products at Google Leaves for Chinese Mobile Firm

Hugo Barra, Google’s Vice President of Android Product Management, has announced he will leave the company and join the Chinese mobile firm Xiaomi, where he’ll be vice president of its global division. Xiaomi isn’t known outside of China, but it clearly wants this to change in the future.

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