LG Confirms G Pad Tablet in Teaser Video

LG G Pad Tablet

Last week, an LG executive gave an interview in which he said we should expect a new smartphone, a smartwatch and a tablet to be released by the company soon. We’d heard something about LG coming back to the tablet market before, so this added fuel to the fire.

Now LG has officially come out and said it, a new mid-size tablet will be released soon. It has confirmed the rumour by uploading¬†a teaser video to its YouTube channel. It gives away the name of the device in the video’s title, and as expected it’s going to be the LG G Pad.

The rumours also suggested it’ll have an 8.3-inch screen size, which is again confirmed in the video. What we don’t get is a look at the slate, and instead the video talks to regular people about what they want from a tablet. As usual, it’s all about portability, plus some decent specs and a high resolution screen.

Naturally, LG wants to provide all this with the G Pad. Now we know the screen is going to measure 8.3-inches, it’s likely talk of a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution is also correct, along with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM for power. If LG lives up to the hype in the video, it’ll be slim, light and surprisingly pocketable too.

The teaser video certainly shows the arrival of the G Pad is near and it should make its debut at the IFA tech show next month.

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