Google Now Functionality Expands

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Google has ramped up the capabilities of its mobile predictive search service by adding several extra features.

Working on a series of cards which flash up on screen to deliver information, Google Now links to a user’s search and internet history to predict things that they will want to know. At the moment, this includes things like directions to your home or place of work, the weather and information on sports events and results. The service is built into the UI of Android phones and available through the Google Search app on iOS.

Google Now is getting an extra level of information in a new update which will see information about public transport times coming straight to your handset, along with details about concert tickets and car reservations.

The service will also be able to deliver information on television programmes as you are watching them, assuming you are doing this through a smart TV that can link to a Google account.

The update is rolling out at the moment and should come to all devices very soon, so you’ll be able to make the most of the extra predictive search capabilities.

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