Oppo to Launch Smartphone with Touch Panel on the Rear

Oppo Back

Oppo has hit the news in the UK several times this year, after it released the Find 5 – one of the first big-screen phones with a 1080p display – through its own website, and then again when it was rumoured to be launching a Google Edition of the phone.

While that hasn’t appeared, Oppo has teased its next major smartphone release on its Facebook page, and it’s called the N1. In one of the least subtle adverts we’ve seen in a while, Oppo has let us into one of the N1′s secrets – it’s going to have a touch panel on the rear of the phone.

We’re all used to touchscreens, but touch controls on the back of a device is something new. LG set the ball rolling earlier this month when it announced the G2, which has the volume controls set below the camera lens on the rear of the phone. We’ve also seen evidence the HTC One Max could put a fingerprint reader on the back, but this won’t be confirmed until the phone is made official.

Previous leaks of the Oppo N1 indicate it’ll have a good camera, perhaps with 12 or 16-megapixels, a Xenon flash, and a special imaging chip. A large 1080p screen, presumably with a 1080p resolution, and a quad-core processor both seem likely too.

The Oppo N1 will be announced in September, when we’ll learn exactly what the touch panel will control. A camera shutter release? Controls for gaming? We’re not sure, but we’re suitably intrigued.

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