Tesco Tablet Coming This Christmas?


It seems Tesco has been watching Amazon’s success with its Kindle Fire tablet with envious eyes, as a report in The Sunday Times says we could be getting a Tesco branded tablet in time for Christmas. According to the sources speaking to the newspaper, the device will include many of Tesco’s online and media services, in the same way as Amazon promotes its own services with the Kindle.

There are no technical details about the tablet, but we should expect it to have books, films and music all “pre-loaded,” but we’d imagine it’ll be more apps which offer these things on demand. Tesco has a deal with Blinkbox to stream music and movies, and has trialed music on demand disc-burning systems in the past.

Additionally, and as you’d expect, there will be separate apps for shopping online with Tesco, and using its banking services too.

In July, Tesco made a push into digital, after promoting Micheal Comish, former head of Blinkbox, to overall boss of its online services, and is building a dedicated office to house the growing team. It also confirmed it would launch an eBook store in September.

At the time, Comish told The Telegraph, “We’re going really fast on this, and we’re launching three products this year.” Will the tablet be one of them? And if so, will it be able to compete with the Kindle on price? Will it use Android and have access to Google Play? We’re looking forward to getting some answers on this one.

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