O2 Announces its 4G Tariffs

O2 4G Image

O2 has revealed the price plans for its high-speed mobile service, ahead of its 4G network rollout on 29 August.

Closely following Vodafone’s recently confirmed 4G charges, O2 has unveiled a selection of tariffs that place it on a par with its rivals.

The company has also confirmed that a range of exclusive music, sport and gaming benefits will coincide with the deals in a bid to tempt customers to upgrade.

The tariffs start at as little as £26 per month, as O2 matches similar 4G SIM-only price plans offered by both EE and Vodafone. For its £26 charge Vodafone has a 2GB monthly data allowance, while O2 and EE present only 1GB in their respective data bundles.

A £31 per month plan with O2 sees the data allowance boosted to 5GB, and a £36 monthly outlay will see customers benefit from 8GB of data.

These allowances, however, only come into effect if customers sign up before 31 October, prior to many parts of the country having access to the 4G service. Once this date has passed, the monthly data limits change to 3GB and 5GB respectively.

Along with the data allowances, all of the O2 4G tariffs offer unlimited texts and minutes. The network has also confirmed it will also offer up to 12 months free access to streaming on O2 Tracks, Priority Sports deals and access to a range of leading mobile games.

The tariffs also include a 90-day ‘Happiness Guarantee’ which allows customers to change to a 3G tariff with a bill credit of up to £15, if they’re unsatisfied with their 4G plan.

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