Longer Smartphone Battery Life Could be Coming


The length time that a handset will stay switched on for after one full charge is a constant bugbear to mobile users, with more high-spec devices featuring large, bright displays putting an inevitable drain on power.

Some manufacturers have attempted to combat this by simply stuffing bigger and bigger batteries into their creations. This has led to handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with its 3100mAh power cell and the Motorola RAZR Maxx and its 3300mAh battery.

Now a new company called Crossbar has unveiled a development in mobile memory chips which its calls RRAM. The technology is capable of accessing data up to 20 times faster and is also 20% more power efficient than current smartphone memory.

This could lead to a big leap in the life of a handset’s battery life, even if those batteries remain roughly the same as they are now. While this may not be the most exciting selling point of a new handset, it’s a practical concern that can make a real difference to how well a device works in everyday use.

There are no details on when, or even if, the new tech will make its way to the marketplace, but it is interesting to see that some firms are thinking outside the box when it comes to improving the way in which smartphones work.

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