Vine and Instagram Video Take Off Amongst Smartphone Users

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Mobile users have widely adopted the innovations in social video sharing that have emerged this year, with Vine and Instagram Video seeing a big uptake of users.

A Dialaphone poll reveals that our readers have been using these services extensively, with the new ways of sharing user-generated content having been welcomed by smartphone users. Services such as those launched by Twitter and the Facebook-owned Instagram have really taken off and opened up a new arena which has evolved the idea of sharing photos on mobiles even further.

So what do each of them do? Well, Vine was the first of the two to come into existence, having been introduced by micro-blogging platform Twitter in January of this year. This was a big coup for the social network, and at the time gained quite a bit of press, giving it an edge over  its competitors.

The Vine app works by letting users capture six second clips and share them on Twitter, with the videos appearing in the user’s feed as if they were regular status updates. A new form of creativity has emerged in line with this video format, with the imagination of users resulting in some impressive and inspiring footage.


Photo-sharing platform Instagram wasn’t going to be outdone and was soon hot on the heels of Vine with its own innovation –  an extension of its service that allows videos to be captured and shared through the app.

Instagram took the idea of short video clips a little further, allowing users to capture 15 seconds instead of six, which gave people a little more time to be creative. One of Instagram’s most distinctive features are the filters that can be added to images, and these have  also been adapted to suit video. Documentary photographer Ben Lowy has created some particularly good examples of how the format can be used.

Instagram Video also exists as an extension of the original photo-sharing app, whereas Vine is a separate service that integrates well with Twitter. This makes the user experience a little easier and could be a major advantage for the Facebook-owned service.

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So which has become the more popular of the two? Well, it looks like Instagram Video may have the edge over Vine for now.  According to research by online marketing news site Marketing Land, when Vine launched, it saw an immediate and impressive uptake in users, with just under three million clips appearing on Twitter daily. However, this figure has since fallen to less than half what it was, with there being a noticeable drop off in use at the time Instagram Video launched.

Conversely, Instagram on Twitter has witnessed a steady increase in the sharing of posts, with a spike at the time that the video-sharing service was introduced.

So, while Vine may have brought the idea of sharing videos to a large audience, it looks like Instagram may well be winning the race, with the ease of its user interface being a big advantage. Neither of these are the first mobile social video apps to have been created, with older services like Klip and Viddy having done similar things before, but it looks like Vine may have opened what was a niche area up to a wider group. Instagram has followed suit and may well have outdone Twitter’s creation.

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