Vodafone to Switch on 4G Network at the End of August

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Vodafone has become the second UK network to reveal its 4G plans. The first was EE, which has had its own high speed data network up and running since late last year, having been granted permission to re-use its existing 1800MHz spectrum. Vodafone, however, is launching its network on the spectrum it won in the Ofcom auction held earlier this year.

You’ll be able to sign up to Vodafone’s 4G plans on 12 August, and the service will be switched on from 29 August. Like EE, Vodafone’s 4G service will be rolled out gradually and initially it will only be available in London, with a selection of other cities coming online before the end of the year. So far, Vodafone has listed Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield as the lucky locations, but more could be added later.

To help convince people to make the switch, Vodafone has signed a deal with Sky Sports and Spotify, offering your choice of the services for free with a Red 4G-ready tariff. Spotify’s premium service provides ad-free streaming music, on or offline, while Sky Sports promises 150 hours of football action, as well as other sporting events. Both are included for two years too, so you won’t have to pay for a renewal half-way through your contract.

If you already have a Vodafone contract, you can upgrade to 4G speeds for an extra £5 per month, while SIM only plans start at £26. Two year 4G contracts start at £34, and all include unlimited calls and texts, plus either of the data-hungry Spotify and Sky Sports packages above.

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