UK Airwaves Cleared for 4G Networks

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Work has now been completed on the UK’s broadcast infrastructure which will clear the way for 4G mobile networks.

Engineers have finished the task five months ahead of schedule, making way for an increase in the coverage and availability of the new super fast mobile connections.

Across the country transmitters needed to be re-aligned, so that frequencies which previously carried analogue TV signals could be used to transmit data for mobile devices instead. The last stage of the scheme, covering the north east of Scotland and the Western Isles, is now complete.

So far, EE is the only firm which offers a 4G service in the UK, with other network providers planning to launch their own throughout the course of this year. Last week, the company announced that it has now brought its faster connection speeds a further 10 British towns and expanded its double-speed 4G so that it can now be accessed in 15 UK cities.

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