Nokia Could Be Lining Up A Windows Phone Phablet

Nokai Front Fascia

Nokia could be well on the way to unveiling a phablet-sized Windows Phone device, if leaked photos that have emerged are to be believed.

An image has appeared on Chinese social network Weibo showing what appears to be a 6-inch front fascia bearing the Finnish firm’s logo. The image has come from an anonymous source identified only by the name C Technology and looks to have been taken inside the kind of sterile production plant where mobile devices are normally produced.

Nokia has recently been pushing the boundaries of its Windows Phone range, launching the Lumia 625 with its 4.7-inch display. This is a step up in size from the rest of the company’s WP line-up, which have so far not exceeded 4.5-inches.

A Windows Phone phablet would be an interesting offering, with the platform’s distinctive user interface no doubt looking fantastic on a large display. However, a 6-inch device would be facing stiff competition from the likes of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy Mega and possibly the as-yet unannounced Galaxy Note 3.

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