LG G2 Images Emerge


Images that purport to show LG’s as-yet unannounced flagship handset have emerged, giving a good impression of what the device will look like.

Korean-language tech site Ruliweb has published the photos, which show a large handset with smooth edges and a rounded form factor. One of the pictures in which the handset is shown has its backplate removed, indicating that it will feature an impressive 2610mAh battery.

LG’s fortunes have been looking up of late, with reports indicating that the company sold 12 million smartphones in the second quarter of this year. These impressive sales figures could be pushed even further by the new handset should it be well received.

The firm has certainly not been keeping its cards close to its chest regarding the device, with it recently revealing that the handset will be called the LG G2 and that the long-standing Optimus name is being dropped.

LG has a press event booked for 7 August when it is almost certain that we will get the first official glimpse at the new flagship. We’ll keep you posted on any other details that emerge in the meantime.

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