Android 4.3 Announced

Android 4.3

Google has taken the covers of the latest version of its mobile platform, Android 4.3, at an event in San Francisco that also saw the next generation of its Nexus 7 tablet unveiled.

The updated software appears to only be a minor upgrade, possibly disappointing some tech fans who would have liked to have seen a major overhaul of the platform. Many expected the software to emerge at the Google I/O event in May, but those kept waiting have several points to get excited about.

The biggest development is the introduction of restricted user profiles, allowing different accounts to be set up on one device. Parents can stop children from accessing unsuitable content and apps and disable purchases from Google Play, in much the same way that the Kid Corner mode works on Windows Phone 8.

Also added to the line-up is a power efficient connectivity option called Bluetooth Smart, and a new graphics rendering software platform called OpenGL, which will make use of the quad-core chips in many leading handsets and bring more advanced visuals to Android devices.

As is often the case Nexus devices will be getting the software first with an update rolling out immediately. Google also announced that upgrades for the stock Android versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One will be available soon.

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