Google Calls Event for 24 July, Will We Get a New Version of Android?

Sundar Pichai

Google has called an event for next week, with invitations circulating saying, “Please join us for breakfast with Sundar Pichai.” It’s to be held in San Francisco, but there’s no indication of what the company will be announcing. However, Google is a pressure cooker of unreleased software and products at the moment, so there’s plenty to speculate about.

Sundar Pichai recently took over from Andy Rubin as the Senior VP of Android and Chrome, and while the meeting could be for the latter, we’re expecting a lot of new Android products. First, there’s Android 4.3, the missing new version of the OS which didn’t show up during Google I/O. We’ve seen several leaks regarding 4.3′s features, so we know it’s out there, it’s just a question of when it will arrive, and July has been mentioned in several rumours.

When a new version of Android is released, it’s often accompanied by a new piece of hardware, and it just so happens we’re waiting for several of them. The Nexus 7 sequel is the primary one, and it too has been rumoured a lot recently, with more than one report linking it to an end of July or early August announcement.

The other device is the Moto X, the first smartphone produced by Motorola along with Google’s input. We’ve heard plenty about the Moto X, and the first print adverts have already appeared, so an announcement can’t be far away. Google thinks its announcements at the event are important enough to show the world, as it’s live streaming the proceedings on YouTube.

We don’t know exactly what the content of the event will be, but we’ve got a week to go until we find out.

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