Samsung Offering Cash to Tizen App Developers


Samsung looks to be ramping up the support that it is giving to its Tizen platform, offering financial rewards to developers who are creating apps for the new operating system.

The Korean tech giant is laying down a $200,000 jackpot in a contest for those who are working with the new software ecosystem, with smaller cash prizes also on offer to the runners-up. In total, the company is putting up $4m in prize money, offering a significant incentive to app developers.

Tizen is a proprietary OS that is being built by Samsung itself and could be introduced on budget handsets as a potential competitor to Android. However, there have been suggestions that if the new platform proves successful it could be developed into a high-end OS that may be seen on flagship devices in the future.

This echoes a scheme by Microsoft that saw financial incentives being offered to anyone who was creating apps for Windows Phone 8, with the firm’s intention being to kick-start the platform and make it more attractive to potential customers. BlackBerry also offered rewards for developers who created apps for BlackBerry 10 in the lead up to its launch.

One of the biggest problems faced by any firm introducing a new operating system is that the lack of initial users means that many software firms may have doubts about developing for it. There is little point in creating apps for a mobile OS lacks users, leading to fewer people adopting the platform and the vicious circle continuing. A huge cash injection like the one that Samsung is putting up could well be exactly what Tizen needs to get developers on board.

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