New BlackBerry Phone Leaked, Runs BlackBerry OS 7

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BlackBerry may want you to think it’s all about BlackBerry 10 and the phones which run it – currently, only the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 – but as its most recent financial report indicated, it still sells plenty of older devices running BlackBerry OS 7 too.

During the conference call which accompanied the report, CEO Thorsten Heins mentioned the company would launch a new OS 7 phone in the near future, ensuring it keeps its more old-school customers happy. Now, that phone may have been leaked.

Spotted in BlackBerry’s website code by fan site¬†CrackBerry, the phone has been named as the BlackBerry 9720, which makes it difficult to say where it’ll fit into BlackBerry’s range. It may be the successor to the most recent BlackBerry Bold phone, however it’s not clear if it’ll retain the well-established high-end Bold branding, or go with the more basic Curve name.

According to the leak, the phone will have a physical QWERTY keyboard, a screen of unknown size, but with a 480×360 resolution, plus 3G connectivity. Along with the BlackBerry OS 7.1 software, the 9720 will also have W-Fi. Sounds like standard equipment for most BlackBerry OS 7 devices, and we doubt the design will offer any surprises either, however the phone has yet to be seen.

BlackBerry hasn’t confirmed the existence of this device yet, so at the moment, it’s only a rumour. However, given Thorsten Heins’ commitment to the aging OS, there’s a strong possibility we’ll see the 9720 announced later this year.

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