Huawei Wants to Work Alongside Nokia on Windows Phone

Huawei WP

Huawei looks to be extending a hand to Nokia and suggesting that the two smartphone manufacturers should work together to make Windows Phone a more attractive option.

Speaking to tech site Pocket Lint, Kevin Ho, the Chinese firm’s president of handsets, made some vague but salutary remarks about the relationship between the firms that are developing hardware for Microsoft’s mobile OS: “We do not want to fight with Nokia. We want to work together with Nokia and Microsoft to build a better Windows Phone platform.”

Ho revealed that his firm has sold in the region of one million Ascend W1 handsets in Europe and the US, suggesting that there has definitely been a positive reaction to the device. However, he added that Huawei expects to sell around 10 million units of the recently-announced Ascend P6, a figure that would see it rivaling the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

He went on to point out that it is much easier to sell devices running Google’s platform: “Compared to Android, Windows Phone is difficult to sell. Most people like Android, they are familiar with Android, but they need time to accept Windows Phone and make it familiar.”

There was no further word on what the idea of Huawei and Nokia working together would involve or whether there has been any communication or agreement between the two companies at all. All the same, it’s refreshing to hear news of potential collaborations rather than the more familiar spats surrounding patent disputes between smartphone makers.

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