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Android users may not be as well served as those of other platforms when it comes to email apps but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing beyond the native offerings from Google. While some well-known services that exist elsewhere have not yet made the jump to Android, there are still some interesting options for anyone wanting to change from their default email client. Here we take a look at some of the best available.

K-9 Mail


K-9 is one of the best options for an alternative mail app on Android, allowing a large degree of personalisation and some very handy features. Folders can be arranged and tagged with coloured banners so that they’re easy to identify and mail can be filtered and searched for.

The app also allows you to display messages in several different ways, sorting them by time of arrival, the name of the sender or showing all those with attachments first. Messages themselves are shown in a format that’s easy to read and text can be zoomed in on for closer inspection.



A premium app that is available in an ad-supported free version, MailDroid supports a huge range of email account types such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. Messages are shown in a reasonably large font that is very easy to read and can be searched and filtered with no difficulty at all.

MailDroid also allows the user to download attachments in just a few taps as well as upload files to an email with ease, even those which are stored in services such as Dropbox and Google Drive rather than on the handset itself.



AquaMail offers an easy setup process for most major email accounts and a straightforward interface that sees folders denoted by different colours. Another excellent feature offered is the ability to back up emails to a folder on your device’s storage and restore them from there at a later time.

AquaMail also has a well designed widget for placing on one of your homescreens, bringing previews of your most recent messages to the front of your device. There is also the option to compose emails from the widget, saving you a couple of taps when you’d otherwise have to open the app.

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