Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week


Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed including news of Samsung Gear, HP’s smartphone plans, and a great video from Nokia on Zeiss lenses.

1. Samsung to Name its Wearable Tech, “Gear”?

A trademark may have given the game away about Samsung’s wearable technology plans, at least regarding its name, as a recent filing for a watch which communicates with a smartphone was listed under the name Samsung Gear. It’s not clear whether this will be for a single product or a line of wearable hardware, but it shows Samsung’s keen to get involved with this growing market.

2. HP Still Sees Smartphones in its Future

Hewlett Packard has never had the best of luck with smartphones, but that doesn’t mean it’s giving up, as according to an executive, HP has a phone, “in the works,” and, “needs to be in the game.” The exec didn’t give any indication on when we could see a new HP phone, but in the past, CEO Meg Whitman has said such a device wasn’t on the cards for 2013.

3. 7Digital Gets in Early on Firefox OS

In the same month that the first Firefox OS smartphone has gone on sale, music firm 7Digital has announced the availability of its digital music store for Mozilla’s mobile operating system. The app can be downloaded from the Firefox Marketplace now, and has been adapted for European and American customers. Like iTunes, users can buy music without a subscription, from a catalogue of more than 25 million titles. You can take a look at Tizen OS in the video below.

4. Three Updates PAYG Plans

The Three network has launched a new Pay As You Go tariff plan, called 321, which offers calls for 3p per minute, texts for 2p each and data at 1p per MB. This is considerably cheaper than almost all other PAYG options, plus any credit put on the account remains active until it runs out.

5. Rumoured Optimus G2 May Get 3GB of RAM

A version of the unofficial LG Optimus G2 may be the first phone to have 3GB of RAM, according to a Korean news source. This may not trickle down to international LG G2 phones, as it may only be required for model’s destined for the new LTE-Advanced network recently launched in South Korea. The LTE-A version of the Galaxy S4 needed a Snapdragon 800 processor to cope, so it’s a strong possibility the new LG phone will also need extra horsepower.

6. QWERTY Slider Phones Still Alive in America

We’ve not seen a QWERTY slider phone in the UK for a while, but the form factor is still popular in America, and Samsung has launched the Gravity Q on the T-Mobile network there. In addition to the side-sliding physical keyboard, the phone has a 3-inch screen, a 2 megapixel camera and an FM radio, so is clearly aimed at children looking for their first phone.

7. Nokia Loves Zeiss

Nokia has a long standing relationship with lens maker Carl Zeiss, recently rebranded as simply Zeiss, and has made a video celebrating the fact, which you can take a look at below. Zeiss lenses have exclusively featured on Nokia’s camera phones since 2005 and the video shows other examples of the firm’s projects. Nokia is expected to launch a new Lumia phone on 11 July, and a Zeiss lens will almost certainly be a key part of its appeal.

8. Samsung Delays Tizen Phone Launch

Tizen is the operating system being developed by Samsung and Intel as a rival to Android, and we were expecting the first phone to be announced in the next few months, however according to a new rumour, the launch may have been delayed by two or more months. This could push the unveiling nearer to the end of the year.

9. Adaia Rugged Phones Coming in 2014

Adaia is a new mobile phone company producing rugged phones especially for the sailing community, and it has been started by former Nokia employees. The first phone will be out next year, will run Android, and be priced at around £1000. For that you’ll get a fully waterproof device with a satellite antenna and a 13 megapixel camera, which will weigh 250 grams.

10. Nook Tablets Reduced in the UK

Barnes & Noble has reduced the price of its Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets, taking the cheapest option down to just £99, which is good value for a 7-inch, dual-core Android tablet with a 1440×900 pixel resolution. The larger Nook HD+ has a 9-inch display with an even more impressive 1920×1200 pixel resolution, and can be purchased for £149. B&N introduced their tablets to the UK late last year, as direct competitors to Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

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