Nokia EOS Could Now Be Named Nokia 909

Nokia 909

Last we heard, the highly anticipated Nokia EOS was to be officially called the Lumia 1020, but a new leak through the @evleaks Twitter account – which gave is the Lumia 1020 name – has stated that new information suggests the phone will be named the Nokia 909 instead.

This does make a little more sense, as the 1020/909 is almost certainly going to have a 41 megapixel PureView camera onboard, which first made an appearance on a Symbian phone called the 808 PureView. Seeing as the new Nokia phone would be an evolution of that device, calling it the Nokia 909 seems appropriate.

In addition to the news regarding the name, the same Twitter account has posted a pair of images, said to be of the Nokia 909. The first to come through showed the front of the phone, complete with AT&T network branding – indicating it will arrive on that network in America – plus a new app on the Start screen called Nokia Pro Cam. Unfortunately, we must be patient for the details on the app, as no information on what it will do was available.

A second picture of the phone was posted a few hours later, this time of the phone’s rear panel. It looks very similar to the previously leaked images of the Lumia 909′s body shell, and clearly shows the raised section containing the camera’s sensor, plus what looks like a Xenon flash.

Nokia will hold its next event on 11 July in New York, when we expect all our questions regarding the EOS/1020/909 will be answered.

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