Moto X Advert Confirms Custom Design Option

Moto X Advert

An advert for the forthcoming Moto X smartphone has been published by advertising industry website AdAge, and is expected to debut inside several print newspapers in the US, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The tone Motorola has set is a patriotic one, which ties in with the forthcoming 4 July celebrations.

Sadly, the advert doesn’t provide a picture of the phone, but it does confirm one of the rumoured features – that the device will be customisable. It states the Moto X will be the, “First smartphone you can design yourself,” although it doesn’t elaborate on which aspects you’ll be able to change.

While the design is unlikely to be one of them, the colour of the body shell could be – as hinted at by Motorola’s bright new logo – as could some technical aspects, such as the battery. On the software side, Motorola may be able to install (or uninstall) certain apps, or add in packs of wallpapers or ringtones.

Motorola’s ad also makes a big deal over the phone being, “Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA,” and seeing as this is a US-centric ad, it does make us slightly concerned the devices won’t be available in the UK, at least not straight away. Motorola has a habit of restricting its smartphones to the US, but we’re hoping with Google as its owner, this will not be the case.

The ad closes with, “Moto X. Coming Soon,” but doesn’t provide any details beyond this. However, we’d be surprised if it waited until after summer to reveal all.

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