Nokia Amber Update to Hit Lumia Hardware in August

Nokai Lumia 920 Front UI

Nokia teased us about the arrival of a software update it called Amber during the launch event for the Lumia 925, but didn’t provide us with an exact release date, or a list of its features. Now, a tweet from Nokia Spain has potentially let that date slip. The translated message says, “The Amber update for Nokia Lumia range¬† with WP8 will arrive in August.” It goes on to say it will provide the same user experience as the Lumia 925.

The only feature we do know will be added with Lumia Amber is the 925′s Smart Camera app, which can already be downloaded for Nokia Windows Phone 8 hardware, but won’t work without Amber. The update will also bring changes to the Windows OS from Microsoft, which we know as the GDR2 update.

Apparently, this will activate the FM radio, and add an app known as Datasense. This provides a detailed picture of how you’re using your data allowance, including which apps use the most data. Nokia‘s Music Hub will also be updated to allow downloads from Microsoft’s Xbox Music system.

Anyone who has pre-ordered the Lumia 925, or plans on buying it on release, will find many of the new features already installed on their phones. Everyone else, if Nokia Spain’s tweet is correct, will have to wait until August. Even then, it’s unlikely the update will come to all phones at the same time, so be prepared to have some patience.

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