Leak Reveals Android 4.3 Features, Official Release Expected in July

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A new version of Android could be coming very soon, if a series of leaks are correct. The news comes after a build of Android 4.3 was leaked to Samsung fan site SamMobile, said to be destined for the new Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which was released in America last week. To prove its existence, a series of screenshots showing that Android 4.3 was installed on the phone were provided.

The source of the leak says it’s going to be officially released in July, when it’s likely to hit the Galaxy S4, plus the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and the HTC One Google Edition. The leaked build was dated 26 June, and reportedly worked without issue.

Another leak has given us an idea of not only when Android 4.3 will be released, but also what features it will contain. The first new addition is a revised camera application, which has altered the menu buttons to make it easier to adjust the settings with one hand, while the volume buttons can now be used as the shutter release.

Visually, Android 4.3 looks the same as Android 4.2, as you’d expect for a relatively minor version update. There are a few changes which will be more noticeable to developers, such as the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Tethering, and a method where Android still scans for nearby Wi-Fi networks, even when Wi-Fi is turned off.

Google didn’t announce a new version of Android during its Google I/O conference in May, so a new edition is overdue. If the changes are as minimal as these leaks have shown, we shouldn’t expect much of a fanfare when it does arrive.

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