Weekly Web Highlight: iAlbums


Taking a break from the weird and often bizarre parts of the internet which usually make up our Weekly Web Highlight, our most recent picking is a pretty simple and practical service that really has something to offer.

iAlbums puts an easy-to-use interface on the countless music videos that are on YouTube, grouping tracks by album and artist and allowing you to search though them easily

Using the site is quite a lot like browsing Spotify. Just search for your favourite band and all their albums, with artwork, will be displayed in a grid-like format from which you can select the tracks you want to play.

The collection isn’t exhaustive and we found some videos that are definitely on YouTube which could not be accessed through iAlbums, but since the whole service is user-curated this is understandable and may cease to be an issue with time.

Nevertheless, iAlbums is brilliant if you’re the sort of person who often uses Google’s video-sharing service to play a few tracks from your computer. There’s also a handy Chrome extension which adds music player controls to your browser, making it even easier to use.

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