Nokia’s Mysterious EOS Device Could be Named the Lumia 1020

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Nokia is holding a press event on 11 July, where we’re all expecting it to announce the phone we currently know as the Nokia EOS. The EOS has been around as a rumour for some time, having been leaked in both spec and picture form in the past. Why is it so special? It’s probably going to be the phone which finally brings the full, 41 megapixel PureView camera experience to Nokia’s Lumia range of Windows Phones.

This isn’t idle speculation either, as Nokia has said it’s not only ‘reinventing the zoom’, but also there are 41 million reasons to watch the event. Hardly subtle. The EOS name is a codename, and up until now we’ve not known what the device will be officially called. This week, that has changed, as a tweet from the @evleaks account, which has proven reliable in the past, has said the EOS will be called the Lumia 1020.

Many of Nokia’s Lumia phones have model numbers ending in 20, so this does ring true, and due to the nature of the camera, it’s going to be high up in the range, which justifies raising the level to 1000.

Should the Lumia 1020 be real, and feature the PureView camera, it’s set to leap to the top of this year’s bumper crop of camera phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and the HTC One with its Ultrapixel camera. We’re excited to see how Nokia has changed the PureView camera since it was introduced at Mobile World Congress last year. We’ll bring you all the news on 11 July.

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