Oppo Could Be Next to Release Google Edition Handset

Oppo Find 5 Stock AndroidThe recent trend that has seen manufacturers releasing versions of their handsets running stock Android software could be continuing, if little known Chinese manufacturer Oppo’s response to a discussion on its fan forum bears fruit.

On the firm’s official chat board users suggested that seeing the stripped down iteration of Google’s platform on the Oppo Find 5 would be great, but that it would be better to make the change through a software update rather than introducing a whole new edition of the handset. Another user then posted a mock-up of how the software could look on the device, leading to further discussion amongst members.

While conversations of this kind happen on tech forums across the internet every day, what makes this one stand out is Oppo’s response, with the firm taking to its Facebook page to announce that: “One of our Ofans (sic) had this idea of a Google Edition of Find 5. Would you like to see it become a reality?”

An overwhelming positive response ensued, leading to speculation that the Chinese company may follow up on its fans’ request and look into introducing pure Android software to the Find 5. The idea of doing this through a software update would be particularly generous as well, allowing people who currently use a Find 5 to take advantage of the move.

Samsung and HTC are the two big names to so far announce that stock Android versions of their flagships will be introduced soon, with many commentators getting very excited about the prospect of seeing the paired-back software on such high-spec handsets as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

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