Huawei ‘Considering’ Nokia Acquisition


Yesterday was a big day for Huawei, as right before it launched the Ascend P6 smartphone – the world’s thinnest smartphone – the company’s chairman was quoted in the Financial Times saying it was, “considering acquisitions” and mentioned Nokia’s name.

The exact statement printed was, “We are considering these sorts of acquisitions; maybe the combination has some synergies but depends on the willingness of Nokia.” Huawei is very keen to increase its standing in the international smartphone market – something it’s attempting with the Ascend P6 – and Nokia could suit its needs.

There were also hints that should the buyout ever take place, Huawei may decide to bring the Android operating system to Nokia hardware, going as far as calling Windows Phone “weak” due to its low market share and mandatory licence fee.

According to Bloomberg Nokia’s stock rose more than it had done since the beginning of the year following the publication of the report, despite it not saying anything substantial. A statement from Huawei made to the site said it had, “no plans” to acquire the Finnish firm, while Nokia itself refused to comment.

So, judging by all this, Huawei is making plenty of noise without anything to back it up, and we’d imagine Nokia is as surprised as the stock market by the chairman’s words. Does that mean it’ll never come true? Never say never, but we’d be very surprised.

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