Weekly Web Highlight: Times Haiku

Times Haiku main

Our latest Weekly Web Highlight brings a touch of poetry to the Dialaphone blog, courtesy of an unexpected source.

That bastion of American journalism, the New York Times, has created a website that turns excerpts of its articles into haikus before publishing them on an abstract background for all to enjoy.

The site is powered by an algorithm which searches the newspaper’s online content for sentences which fit the 5-7-5 syllable haiku structure, with these miniature poems then being approved by the NY Times’ own journalists before going online.

Taken out of context, the words have an added poignancy, although each haiku includes a link to the article from which it was taken, allowing you too see them within the original story.

Time Haiku is a brilliant and creative way of presenting the newspaper’s content that makes you think a little more about the thousands of web-based words which float across our monitors every day.

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