Full iOS7 Experience Not Coming to All Apple Devices

iOS 7 Main

Apple announced iOS 7 this week, the latest and greatest version of its mobile operating system, which has been treated to an entirely new look and will come with a variety of new features. While it’s only in beta at the moment, Apple has confirmed which of these features will make it on to which devices, and not all of the older ones will get the full list.

The features which alter depending on which Apple device you own are iTunes Radio, AirDrop, Panorama shots, Square photos, Camera Filters, Photo Filters and the updated version of Siri. If you have an iPhone 5 or a fifth generation iPod Touch, then you’ll get each and every one of them. The slight exception is iTunes Radio, which won’t be coming to the UK at launch.

Next is the fourth generation iPad, which supports all except Panorama photos, and the iPad Mini, where Panorama Shots and Camera Filters are incompatible. Then there is the iPad 3, where filters, Panorama and AirDrop are missing. Going back to the iPhone, and the iPhone 4 is in the same situation, and won’t be getting updated Siri either. The iPhone 4S will though, but it’s still without AirDrop and Camera Filters. The iPad 2 suffers the most, as the only feature it will get is iTunes Radio.

Of course, each device compatible with iOS 7 will get the redesigned OS, along with new features such as Control Center, the reworked Photos app, and much more; so it’s not all bad news. Apple has said it will release iOS 7 later this year, around autumn time.

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