Samsung Galaxy S4 Update Increases Storage Space

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Top Edge

Samsung is rolling out a software update for the Galaxy S4 that increases the amount of internal storage that is available to the user.

The Korean firm’s flagship has received some criticism over the amount of space that the handset’s pre-installed apps and software take up on the device. On the 16GB version of the handset, users are only left with 9.15GB of space out of the box.

The update doesn’t make a massive improvement but frees up roughly 80MB of space that can then be put to another use. While not a huge amount, this could allow a couple of extra apps to be squeezed onto the smartphone.

What is also significant about the update is that it could signal the beginning of a raft improvements from Samsung that enhance the capabilities of the Galaxy S4. Freeing up some storage space could be the start of a much wider project that will make the handset even more appealing.

The update will be rolled out to users in Germany first, with no word yet on when its is coming to Galaxy S4 owners in the UK.

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