Sony Xperia Z Rumoured to be Next Google Edition Phone

Sony Xperia Z Back Camera

If the latest rumour is correct, it seems Google won’t be stopping at the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, as it may be working with Sony to bring out a Google Edition of the Xperia Z. So-called Google Editions are devices without the normally factory-installed user interfaces over the top of Android, leaving a pure, Nexus-like experience.

Google announced the Galaxy S4 Google Edition during the Google I/O conference last month, then an HTC One Google Edition was revealed by Android boss Sundar Pichai during an interview. Neither go on sale until late June, and will be sold through Google Play when they do.

According to the Android Geeks website, which quotes a Sony insider, the firm has also signed the Xperia Z up as a future Google Edition phone. The specification will remain the same, but Sony’s Android enhancements will be removed, and users will instead be able to enjoy Android 4.2.2. The rumour continues with talk of a July announcement, putting it a few weeks behind the release of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

While stock Android versions of all our favourite high-end smartphones is an exciting prospect, at this stage, neither the HTC One nor the Galaxy S4 Google Editions have been confirmed for release in the UK. Worse still, the devices launched in America are likely to be in short supply, so getting one over there could prove difficult too.

At the moment, talk of an Xperia Z Google Edition is nothing but unconfirmed rumour, but there’s a decent chance it’ll become reality.

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