Huawei Ascend W2 Image Emerges

Huawei Ascend W2

A second Huawei Windows Phone device has emerged, albeit only in the form of a rumour and leak from an often reliable source.

Twitter user @evleaks has published what looks to be a press shot of a new handset, claiming it to be the Huawei Ascend W2. The Chinese firm’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphone was rumoured way back in September 2012 and finally emerged at CES 2013 in January, offering a cut-price vehicle for Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Details on the Ascend W2 remain sketchy and nothing has been confirmed so far, although there have been a few specs floating around the rumour mill for some time.

These suggest that the WP8 device will be positioned higher up the market than its predecessor and will feature a 4.3-inch display and an 8 megapixel camera. Also rumoured is a 1.5GHz processor, likely a dual-core chip that runs at the same speed as other high-end WP8 handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 920.

Judging by the leaked image, the handset looks to be slim and rounded, although it may not be quite as striking as Nokia’s flagship handset. There’s no word of a launch date yet, or even which markets the phone may be coming too, but if the Ascend W2 rumours prove to be correct then Huawei could well be lining up an impressive Windows Phone 8 device.

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