Huawei Teases Ascend P6 Ahead of June Launch

Ascend P6

Huawei is holding a press event on 18 June, where it has promised to show us a new, highly attractive smartphone. Up until now, there has been speculation as to whether this will be a brand-new phone, or a sneaky re-announcement of a device such as the Ascend P2. Now, via it’s official Facebook page, Huawei has told us not only which model it will be showing, but also added an image too.

The phone is the Ascend P6, which has been previously leaked as the P6-U06, and sure enough, it’s all set to take the title of world’s thinnest smartphone. Past leaks have put the P6′s chassis at an impossibly thin 6.2mm, and Huawei says it: “Challenges all phones to be the thinnest, smallest and one of the most compact smartphones with a screen that can rival its competitors.”

We certainly can’t wait to get a look at the Ascend P6, which in the teaser picture, definitely has an air of the iPhone about it, particularly because of the metal-look band around the edge, and the white break near the corner. This could indicate that like the iPhone, the band contains the antenna.

Huawei hasn’t confirmed the specs yet, but we’re expecting the phone to have a 4.7-inch screen, a quad-core processor and Android 4.1 installed. The screen resolution hasn’t been leaked yet, but should be at least 720p. Huawei will tell us all there is to know about the Ascend P6 on 18 June.

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