First Sailfish OS Phone Announced

Jolla Main

It’s a big day for Jolla, the company which has taken the MeeGo software cruelly dismissed by Nokia several years ago, and transformed it into the Sailfish OS, which was revealed late last year. Now, it has announced the first Sailfish OS phone, named the Jolla.

While a lot more information will come from tonight’s launch event, we’ve been given some basic details on the hardware, along with the chance to pre-order it with Jolla. The phone has a 4.5-inch touchscreen, which is the same size as the Nokia Lumia 920, and a dual-core processor. Although exactly which chip will be used isn’t mentioned, it could be one from ST-Ericsson, as Jolla confirmed it had struck a deal with the company last year.

The Jolla phone has 16GB internal storage memory, a microSD card slot, a removable battery and, depending on the network it’s connected to, a 4G LTE radio. It has been priced at 400 euros, making it about £340, and Jolla is offering several rewards for those who pre-order the phone now, including limited edition handsets, t-shirts and priority order numbers.

Jolla will ship the phone to the UK, but anyone who does order one will have to be patient, as it won’t be out until Q4 this year. That’s sometime after October, which is a serious wait for a smartphone these days. Still, the Jolla phone is something different, and Sailfish is one of several new mobile operating systems looking to make an impact this year. Does it have what it takes to fend off the Firefox, Tizen and Ubuntu challenge, and take on the big names? We’ll find out later this year.

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