Best Android Music Players

Top Five Android Music Players

Android opens up options for its users like no other platform, allowing them to choose which apps they use for default smartphone functions. This open nature leads to some sub-standard apps making their way into the market but it also gives fans of Google’s mobile platform an enormous amount of choice when it comes to what they download to their device.

There are countless music players available from Google Play, so many that users could be spoiled for choice. Admittedly, many of them work in a very similar way and offer almost uniform functions, but those little differences between them can count for a great deal. Here we take a look at the best that are available for your Android device.

1. Poweramp


PowerAmp is hugely popular, and one of the most successful music players in Google’s app store. The app’s design follows the trend used by many such app, showing the artwork of the album that’s currently playing above a set of playback controls.

However, the app has some interesting extra features, ranging from the option to search online for lyrics to the track what’s playing to a sleep timer which can be set to end playback automatically after a certain time. There are also straightforward controls for tone and volume and tracks are easy to add to a playlist by using the simple menu functions.

2. NRG Player

NRG Player

NRG Player doesn’t show album artwork, instead displaying the playlist in a glowing window above the playback controls. The play button is built into a handy wheel control which can be turned to skip through the track, something that we found easier than sliding a finger left and right across the display as on other apps.

Tracks can easily be added to a playlist using a simple interface which groups them in several categories including album or artist, and there’s a very accurate equaliser control which makes tiny changes to audio performance possible.

3. N7 Player

N7 Player

N7 Player has a unique and brilliant interface that displays the names of all the artists in your music collection clearly, allowing you to tap on whatever it is you want to play. Album artwork can also be shown, making it easy to select exactly which tracks to play.

If you lock the handset while music is playing then playback controls will be shown on the lockscreen letting you skip tracks and pause music without going all the way back in to the app. The controls look great too, in fact, on a visual level N7 Player is the best music app that we’ve used.

4. PlayerPro


PlayerPro has some excellent visual touches, such as showing an album’s artwork behind its tracklisting as you select which songs to play. There is also a brilliantly simple equaliser with large dial-shaped controls for volume and bass, making it easy to adjust them.

Also included are a number of sound effect presets for different genres of music and an interesting reverb option which allows you to expand the sound produced by the app and give it an echoing edge.

5. Rocket Player

Rocket Player

Rocket Player is designed around a big, bold, bright red interface that looks striking and is easy to navigate. A nice touch comes in the way that tracks can be skipped through by swiping across the album artwork that is displayed above the playback controls, the image morphs into a cube shape and spins round on the spot.

Tracks stored on your device can be selected from a tabbed menu that lets you choose between organising them by artist, album or song title. Aside from this, a simple equaliser allows you to create your own, personalised sound profile and save it for later.

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