White Nexus 4 Rumoured to be Coming in Mid-June, Could Have Android 4.3 Installed

White Nexus 4

The black Nexus 4 has been available to buy through Google Play and a variety of other retailer outlets for a while, and although a white version has been seen on several occasions, the phone has never been put up for sale alongside its sister device. That could all change next month though, as a new rumour says the phone will be released in June.

According to the Android and Me blog, Google will announce the white Nexus 4 very soon, and that 10 June will mark its debut. The phone will probably be identical to the black version, despite rumours it may gain 4G LTE support, and the only difference will be the colour of its body shell. There’s no denying the sparkly white rear panel looks good though. If it does arrive, the price is also expected to be the same.

Even more interesting is that along with the white Nexus 4 will come an upgrade to Android 4.3. Google didn’t announce a new version of Android during its Google I/O keynote, although version 4.3 has been spotted in documentation already. One of the possible reasons why Google didn’t mention it, is that the only new feature is said to be Bluetooth Smart.

So how likely is all of this? Well, it’s an unconfirmed rumour report, so we must treat it as speculation at this point; however the white Nexus 4 has been seen again very recently, indicating it could be made official soon. Perhaps the only question is why Google didn’t talk about it on the first day of I/O? If it really is coming on 10 June, we doubt it’ll hold out much longer though.

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