Google Glass to get Support from Social Networks


Google’s wearable smart headset is set to see apps from some of the world’s biggest social networks, with announcements coming from several firms at the Google I/O event.

Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all lined up to produce apps that will work with the new gadget. Mark Zuckerberg’s company will be introducing options that allow users to upload photos captured with the Google Glass camera directly to the service, although tagging is currently not included in the feature set.

Not to be outdone, Twitter will show updates from a user’s feed and includes similar photo-sharing functionality to Facebook’s app. Tumblr has also announced that it will be supporting the new device, although details of its plans are unclear.

Along with these major social networks, leading cloud-based note-taking service Evernote is also joining the fray, having announced an app that will allow photos to be captured and uploaded along with viewing notes within the Google Glass display.

With developments such as these it looks like Google Glass could end up with better support from app developers than several mobile platforms such as Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Since big names are jumping on board we imagine that this will encourage others to join in and the search giant’s new technology could have an impressive feature set available when it eventually becomes available to consumers.

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