HTC Won’t Be Releasing Stock Android Version of HTC One

HTC One BoomSound

Google has captured headlines and raised eyebrows at its Google I/O event by announcing that it will be selling a special edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that runs stock Android software.

The version of the Samsung flagship will be available through Google Play and will not feature the Korean manufacturer’s distinctive TouchWiz user interface.

While this prospect has excited many across the tech world it appears that at least one firm is keen to let people know that it will not be following suit. HTC has publicly stated that it won’t be launching a stock Android version of the HTC One.

In a statement to tech site Techno Buffalo the Taiwanese firm states that it will be sticking with its Sense 5 user interface for future models of its flagship. However, the firm does offer a developer’s edition of the device that has an unlocked bootloader, allowing the software to be adapted by users.

The idea of a stock Android HTC One sounds brilliant to us, as much as we like Sense 5 on the flagship device as it is. Samsung and Google’s collaboration also promises interesting things and it will be fascinating to see whether the unskinned Android handset is becomes widely adopted.

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