BlackBerry 10.1 Update Coming Soon to a Z10 Near You

BB Live 2013 Thorsten Heins

While the BlackBerry Q5 was the big product announcement of the day, the keynote presentation at BlackBerry Live in Orlando also gave us news on the long-awaited cross-platform version of BlackBerry Messenger, and heralded the arrival of the BlackBerry 10.1 software update.

BlackBerry 10.1 is the first major software update for the new operating system, and will be available for the BlackBerry Z10 soon. If you’re about to buy a BlackBerry Q10, you won’t have to worry, as BlackBerry 10.1 will come already installed. When the Q5 arrives later in the year, it’ll also have the latest version pre-loaded.

So what do you get? The first feature addition is a good one, as it has added an HDR mode to the camera, which will improve the quality of photos taken in variable lighting. Anyone who has owned an iPhone recently will be aware of the difference it can make, when used in the right situation.

BlackBerry has given the notifications an overhaul, and now the LED light can be programmed to flash a certain colour not only for particular apps, but for certain people too. Additionally, each person on your contact list can be given their own ringtone and vibration pattern.

The list continues with PIN to PIN messaging added to the BlackBerry Hub, an improved way of dragging the cursor around the screen, quick access to telephone numbers sent in emails and BBM messages, plus a landscape mode for the calendar.

BlackBerry hasn’t said exactly when version 10.1 will arrive, only that it’ll be in the coming weeks, but it will depend on the networks and how soon the new software is approved for use. Keep checking for updates on your Z10 over the coming weeks.

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