Nokia has announced the Lumia 925, ready for June release

Nokia Lumia 925 Front

Nokia has launched a revised version of the Lumia 920 smartphone, named the Lumia 925, which brings with it an updated camera and a stunning new design. Compared to some press conferences of late, Nokia‘s 40-minute presentation was all about the new phone and an app named Smart Camera, which will make its debut on the Lumia 925.

Smart Camera takes 10 snaps at once, just like a burst mode, then lets you select the best picture and edit some of the details, such as giving the background a blur to show movement. Nokia thinks it works best when used for action shots, and demonstrated the feature on stage by photographing Jo Harlow, the firm’s VP of Smart Devices,¬†dunking a basketball.

The camera has the same 8.7 megapixels as seen on the Lumia 925, but comes with an improved camera lens, plus it retains the impressive optical image stabilization and 1080p video recording. Unfortunately, Nokia hasn’t added a Xenon flash, despite doing so on the Lumia 928 headed to Verizon in America.

Rumours prior to the Lumia 925′s arrival hinted at the phone having a metal body shell, and they’ve turned out to be partially correct, as although the rear panel is still made from polycarbonate, the Lumia 925 has an aluminium band running all the way around the body. Wireless charging has been shifted from the phone to a case too, and these design alterations means the Lumia 925 now weighs a more reasonable 139 grams and measures just 8.5mm thick.

Otherwise, the specification is very similar to the Lumia 920, with a 4.5-inch touchscreen (which is now an AMOLED display), and a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor.

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