Future iPhones Could Use Curved Batteries for Thinner Form Factors

iPhone 5

Apple may have found a novel way of ensuring that future iPhone iterations are slimmer than existing handsets, another step in the industry-wide trend for making smartphones thinner and thinner.

Apple-centric blog Apple Insider has found two patents filed by the company that describe “curved battery cells for portable electronic devices” and “non-rectangular batteries for portable electronic devices”.

Speculation suggests that these could be used in mobile devices at some point in the future, giving Apple’s designers more room to work with when building handsets and tablets around the often cumbersome power cells.

Further information in one of the patents explains that “the curve may be formed at one or more ends of the battery cell to allow the battery cell to occupy a curved and/or rounded space within the enclosure of a laptop computer, tablet computer, mobile phone”.

Tech site BGR also suggests that curved batteries could be ideal for the much-rumoured Apple iWatch that may or may not emerge at some point in the near future.

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