Predictions Put HTC One Sales at the 10 Million mark

HTC One BoomSound

There has been little doubt amongst those who’ve tried the HTC One that it has the features and power to go head to head with the Galaxy S4 but the biggest question surrounding the Taiwanese firm’s flagship is whether or not it can compete with Samsung’s enormous marketing budget.

There’s some good news on this front however after an industry expert predicted that the smartphone will sell in the region of 10 million units in 2013. CK Cheng, from financial services group CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, suggested that 3.5 million of the these sales will come about in the second quarter of this year, having earlier predicted that the device would sell a lower figure of between 2.5 and 3 million in that period.

Cheng has also said that the universally positive reviews the HTC One has garnered will help to sustain its sales past the initial launch. However, the uptake of HTC’s flagship could well have suffered from missed sales due to delays in its release following the announcement in February.

HTC has rarely suffered from bad reviews, with the firm’s previous flagship, the One X, being well-received and selling between 7 and 8 million units so far. Meanwhile, Samsung has seen in excess of 50 million sales of its 2012 flagship, the Galaxy S III.

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